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 CHANDHALLY Was established in 1989. Our Affix is a combination of The  Chandhau - a horse drawn Carriage and Dally which is the “pet” name for a Dalmatian.

Our  first Dalmatian, a male called Solo - Country Point to Chandhally was the Start of our love and devotion for this glorious breed. However our association with dogs and other pet animals goes much further back. .I was brought up with gun dogs - Irish Setters and English Setters in Norway.

Our First Italian Spinone -Redrue Cherriecola To Chandhally - arrived on the 8th march 2011. So we have much to learn about this breed.

I was given my first dog at the tender age of 8 - an Airedale. He was retired from the show ring so the previous owners wanted to give him away. Today he would have been classified as a “rescue” dog. He was very much a pet and the couch was where he lived. The only time he was keen to be out was when we had snow, and in Norway we have a lot of that. He would like nothing better than staying outside and all we would see was his black nose.

I entered my first dog show with one of our Irish Setters at the tender age of 13 and was totally bitten by the bug as I won a first in junior class.  I was well and truly hooked

Being a typical Teenager I lived only for the dogs and horses. I had my own horse (an Anglo-Arab) at 16 and did a fair amount of show-jumping.

The family in Norway have  had and have many different breeds of dogs over the years: Irish Setters, English Setters , Giant Schnauzers, Dachshunds, Flat Coated Retrievers, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Boxer, Boston Terriers and a Labradoodle. I was one of the first people in Norway to import an English Bloodhound. The year was 1974, and it caused a bit of a stir on the show scene, as they were such a rare sight.

I married an Irishman and their family pet was a Fawn Pug. I had a horse (an Irish hunter) in our early days of marriage and continued with show-jumping and also some dressage.

When our daughter Victoria was born we decided to get a pet after we moved back from the Middle East. So we set our hearts on a Chow Chow. She was called Tinker.

Not the best of breeding but she was extremely fit. There are few Chows in the ring these days which could run with a jogger for several miles. She was a great dog that we sadly lost after a year. It was such an upset so we looked long and hard for another breed. We totally fell in love with the Dalmatian and then when we got our first, Solo - Country Point to Chandhally in 1989 we were hooked.

Victoria and Solo at 4 months old                                    Ida just messing ‘a-boot’

In 1991 we bought our 2nd Dalmatian Ida Hk. Ch. Dalregis Celeste Aida to Chandhally. Poor Solo just didn’t know what hit him. Sadly he died at an early age so we were left with Ida for a while.

We then moved from UK to Hong Kong in 1992, and  Ida - Hk Ch Dalregis Celeste Aida To Chandhally came with us.

In 1994 we imported Duke - Hk Ch Dalrannoch Citizen Kane to Chandhally (from Australia)

                                 Duke as a pup                                     Duke and Ida on the patio in Hong Kong

We finally moved back to UK in 1996, with the 2 dogs having to spend 6 months in quarantine.

In 1997 Duke was mated to Dalregis La Serenata - full sister of Ida and we got wonderful Moss. Irish Champion Dalregis Shooting Star of Chandhally. So all of a sudden we had three Dalmatians ! It never rains but it pours. She was just super at jumping straight up and down and still is. We reckon that comes from her Father who is Australian. Perhaps a kangaroo got in there somehow!

     MOSS sprawled out. Well fed                                          Moss, the thinker ??









 Moving back to UK also took on a whole new challenge for me as I was asked to judge Dalmatians. I was really honored  and that set me up for many shows to judge. I have been judging Dalmatians on a regular basis ever since and had the honor of judging Bitches at The British Dalmatian Clubs Open Show in November 2006 and I am grateful for the super entry that the Dalmatian Show people gave me.

When it comes to judging - I give tickets CC ’s .( I am a Championship Judge ) in Dalmatians and I Judge Dalmatians abroad. I am on the following clubs judging lists :

UTILITY : British Dalmatian Club’s & The North Of England Dalmatian Club’s A1 list, The Shar Pei Club of GB’s B list and passed their hands on and their Judging assessment Exam-   The Shih Tzu Club’s “ C “ list and passed their Hands on Judging assessment. The  Lhasa Apso Club’s C list , Tibetan Spaniel Association’ C list.

 TOYS -: The Pomeranine Club’s C list with Seminar

 GUNDOGS :  The Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain’s  “C”  list  Breed Specialist ,

PASTORAL : The North Of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club “ C” list , The Pyrenean Sheep Dog clubs  “C” list and Completed Seminar

I  judge a number of other breeds from the Toy , Hound , Gundog , Pastoral and Utility Group and I have had the pleasure of Judging  various Groups at Open Shows.-

I served on the British Dalmatian Clubs Committee for 10 years.

I am currently the Hon.Secretary for Treharris and District Canine Society -South Wales

 I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder Accolade.   For more information contact The Kennel Club

I am a Kennel Club Affiliate

 SKY - Irish and International Ch CHANDHALLY CHANTILLY LACE was born over 11 years ago. -Her mother was Irish  Ch Dalregis Shooting Star of Chandhally - She is the most fantastic dog we have ever had. She is beautiful both in body, mind and soul. Her temperament is absolutely flawless. And I am thrilled to say that this she has passed on to ALL her offspring.

                               Me and Sky                                 Ida and Me “gone but not forgotten”

                                                               We travel around the UK and Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe  doing a fair bit of dog shows and some golf in between. The openness and friendships offered through our dogs and the dog shows are fantastic and we are hoping for many more years in and out of the ring with our Dalmatians and the Italian Spinone

 Sky, Irish & International Ch   CHANDHALLY CHANTILLY LACE and her daughter Pia:   Norwegian Ch CHANDHALLY SNOW QUEEN. The next generation of CHANDHALLYswere born 22 nd December 2004,

Pia at 11 weeks:
                                        Pia - Norwegian Ch Chandhally Snow Queen at 2 years

           Pia’s temperament is even better than her mother -if that is at all possible- She adores everybody and greets friends and family with a beautiful big smile and a “ vocal “ sound that sounds like HELLOOOOO. It is wonderful. At dog shows she climbs on everybody - She tries to sit on their lap so that she can give and receive cuddles and kisses. A truly unique Dalmatian in every way. At the age of 3 years old - Pia was mated to French Champion -Troilus De Puech Barrayre -7 puppies were born 2nd November 2007 . A super litter of 5 bitches and 2 dogs. They developed fast and grew into some super puppies. All have a very god temperament and well adjusted to family life having lived in the house with us all. Well the decision had to be made. Do we keep a bitch as per usual or a dog.? Well in my heart I really wanted a Male but I said last time-6 years ago-never again. But here we are. We did indeed end up with a Male.

Hall is 5th generation of CHANDHALLY as our male Duke- HK Ch Dalrannoch Citizen Kane to Chandhally was Father of Moss. Moss- Ir Ch Dalregis Shooting Star of Chandhally who is Mother of Sky - Irish & International Champion Chandhally Chantilly Lace who is mother of Pia- Norw Ch Chandhally Snow Queen and  Hall -Chandhally Cuvee Du President is Pia’s son.. How time flies. But to top it all Hall’s fathers -Fr Ch Troilus De Puech Barrayre’s Great Grand father -is Dalregis Desperado who is Full litter brother to Moss’s Mum - Dalregis La Serenata  and our own Ida - HK Ch Dalregis Celeste Aida to Chandhally ..So the world that we live in - is not that big- even for the dogs! .And we traveled over 3000 miles to do this mating.. But well worth it. From this litter we have the very successful Irish Ch Chandhally Chantilly Cream from Cannaee, and of course HALL

  or CHANDHALLY CUVEE DU  PRESIDENT. A black dog with such tremendous laid back character. Many people who have met him and know our other dogs remarks --” He is just like the other mad ones “ ..Delighted to see you. Tail doesn’t stop wagging and he wants to be with you all the time. Wash your face, get on your lap. wriggles to get near you-and “drop dead” at your feet to make sure he gets his belly rubbed. What a joy and so lovable. He talks -just like his mum and the two will at times roll on their backs and do a chorus and not to forget the OOOOOHHOOOO !! and major wagging of the tail when he is just so happy to great you.

 Hall has been very successful in the show ring and he has sired some super puppies.Many are already showing at Championship Shows and doing extremely well -Hall went back into the show ring for a short time but  at  5 years old - all he wants is his bed and to be fed. But he did us so proud in the short time he went back  after over a year out of the show ring as he had seriously damaged the muscle in his hind leg in August 2010. Hall went “ under the knife “ twice in 9 weeks but he is now back to top condition. A 3rd and a 2nd in Limit dog at the Ch shows - well that says something !  This has been a long and slow recovery, we just had to let time do the healing and Lola- our Italian Spinone  made sure he got up and used his leg. Hall is a proven stud dog and he is available for STUD Here he is at just 6 weeks old....


Moss and Hall in the bed.                         

                                                                                   4  generations of CHANDHALLY   2008

Our latest addition is an Italian Spinone. A smart and beautiful White and Orange bitch with the name of     REDRUE   CHERRIECOLA TO CHANDHALLY also known as LOLA


  Name of the game?? Work and play hard then sleep it off -- what a life

Lola was born on the 15th January 2011 and is only 9 weeks old here. She has settled in a treat and her guardian is HALL. She can do no wrong !Everybody that meets Lola falls in LOVE .She is very gentle and always brings a present for you. Be it a toy or her bedding.! My husband absolutely adores her and Lola sits and waits for him when he comes home. She sings and talks to herself when his alarm clock goes off in the morning. Daddy will be down soon !! Here we are at Lola’s 1st Ch show and we have so far has a super start in the show ring. From a 4th to a Best puppy bitch at Ch Shows. BAVN puppy +2nd in Gundog Puppy Group and a 4th In Gundog Group. A wonderful start .

August 2012 at only 18 months  Lola has already  won 3 CAE, 3CACIB 1 BOB 1 Gundog Group at the 3 day Medeterranina circuit Int Ch Show in France,Monaco,San Remo -  3-  CERT  1 RCACIB  1 BOB 1 Gundog Group with 3rd BIS at Ch Show in Norway 

Want to see more?  Go to Lola’s page.   


                                                                                 SUMMER 2010


                                                         SPOT THE ODD ONE ONE OUT !!!! 

3 GENERATIONS  OF CHANDHALLY  TAKEN JUNE 2012   with litter sister to the far left and YES THEY ALL HAVE THAT SAME CHANDHALLY LOOK  OK SO NOT THE SPAG   BOG but her temperament is the same AS THE REST AND SHE IS BEHAVING LIKE A  DALMATIAN. Sadly we lost  Sky at nearly 12 years old -( far right ) shortly after this photo

  and this is why we call LOLA THE  SPAG  BOG -   MUD MUD GLORIOUS MUD


I am a very proud member of the following Dog Societies and Clubs

 Kennel Club Affiliate

 Norsk Kennel Klub ( The Norwegian Kennel Club)

Windsor Dog Show Society - Life member

South Wales Kennel Association

Welsh Kennel Club

Except for most of the Dalmatian Breed Clubs here in the Uk  BDC, NOEDC,  DCS- I am also a member of the Belgian Dalmatian Club & Den  Norske Dalmatiner Klubb ( The Norwegian Dalmatian Club )

ISCGB - Italian Spinone Club Of Great Britain -