Puppy Rearing

                               HOW TO FEED A GROWING PUPPY.

                      SOMETIMES  A  LITTLE   EXTRA  MILK   HELPS

The most important thing to remember with a growing puppy and feeding is to provide plenty to eat and a constant supply of clean water.

The puppy should be well covered, with no ribs to be seen. The nickname for a Dalmatian is ROLLY - POLLY.

As puppies grow up and develop they will soon run off the puppy fat, but it is important to let them have this extra fat so they can develop with a strong body and mind.

Do not let the puppy become obese as this will put extra strain on the joints and cause problems later in life.

Never leave the food on the floor for the dog to eat at will. If the food is not eaten after say, 10 minutes, take it away. You can throw it away or put it down at the next meal

If a puppy refuses a meal, do not worry it could be that it isn’t hungry. So this might be the time to cut down on one of the meals.

If you find that the dog does not eat after 24 hours, take it to the VET. The puppy might have an upset stomach.


When a puppy is being weaned off from the bitch at about 3 1/2 to 4 weeks old, I start introducing raw minced beef. This is easily obtained from any good butcher who will happily “sell” you the off cuts of meat and mince it up for you. I always freeze the meat before i give it to the puppies as this will kill off some of the bacteria.

This meat is absolutely perfect as it contains the right amount of fats and protein. The meat is easy to digest. I only give about 1 teaspoon to each puppy as a start, and then gradually increase the amount as they grow up. Never any waste here.

                                         A little nibble at raw minced beef                        

I will then gradually introduce tinned rice pudding, which is excellent for calcium. Scrambled eggs with some grated cheese,cottege cheese, full fat yoghurt with mashed up banana, bread with liver pate, sliced liver, any form of chicken and fish, weetabix, porridge and any left overs. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, pears, etc. Salads, Pasta and Rice, raw and cooked vegetables. Raw Carrots seem to be a favourite. They also get beef bones on a regular basis, again given raw. Ribs cooked or raw are good for the teeth and again excellent supply of calcium.

The puppies are fed 5 to 6 times a day. They seem most hungry in the morning and at the last feed before bedtime.   As an example here is a feeding time schedule and what they might eat. I like to Mix and Match and the puppies seem to enjoy the different foods and textures that they are given.    

                           11 CHANDHALLY puppies trying to share the same feeding tray


Remember that the Bitch feeds her puppies in between this, If and WHEN SHE wants to.

7 AM     Raw minced beef with a dish of milk  (goats milk is very good)

10 AM    Bread sliced and mixed with warm milk and egg. (Almost like a bread  pudding)  

1 PM     Dried Puppy Complete.  It gives them something to work on.

4 PM     Cooked vegetables mixed with some raw meat or cooked fish

8 PM     Tinned Rice Pudding or oat porridge

10 PM  Full fat yoghurt with mashed banana

The puppies are given bones regularily to help them to develop strong healty teeth and gums and providing them with essential calcium.

(If we were meant to brush dogs teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste, the dogs would surely have been given hands to do the job..The Vets are complaining about poor dental hygene in dogs??) Because the dogs do NOT get bones.


                 THE NEW PUPPY


Having brought the puppy home try to follow the breeder’s feeding instructions to start with. You should have been given a leaflet on what and when the puppy was fed. Introduce new food gradually especially if you want to feed tin or Complete dried foods. If you switch to new food as soon as you get your puppy home he will get an upset stomach, which will result in diarrhoea, and perhaps some vomiting. You might also find that he will not like the new food .

Start mixing the new food in with what he was used to. Slowly introduce more of the food you want him to eat till finally he is on the food YOU want to feed your dog.

As the puppies grows up, the food intake grows with them. They eat more food at one sitting and drop a meal, because they had enough in the previous meal.

Normally by the time they are 3 months old, you can cut out one meal. So the puppy has 4 meals a day.

             FOR EXAMPLE     8 AM, 12 NOON , 4 PM and  8 PM

                                       At 5 months you should feed 3 meals a day.

         FOR EXAMPLE       8 AM,   12 NOON   and   8 PM.

You might find that it is too time consuming with all these different meals to prepare. In that case you feed Complete PUPPY food. This can come in the form of Tinned PUPPY meals, frozen, pre-packed or Dried food. If you feed dried food you must make sure there is plenty of water for them to drink. Again you can mix and match..If you choose to feed on tin food you can buy mixers to blend in with the food.

It is important to remember:

IF feeding complete dried food to your puppy You Buy           PUPPY COMPLETE.

When the puppy is around 12 months you start feeding         JUNIOR COMPLETE

Finally when the dog is around 18 months old you feed         ADULT COMPLETE

                           NEVER GIVE ADULT COMPLETE TO A PUPPY.

Always read feeding instructions on all pre-packed foods.

Here are some suggestions of food you can give your dog, most of which you can buy at any good pet store.and some at the butchers:

Tripe,  either in tin, frozen or fresh,

Chicken   fresh, froze or in tin.

Beef , fresh, frozen, tinned

Fish   frozen or fresh. Make sure there are no bones.

Complete dried  food comes in bags of  2.5 kg,   6 kg, 15 kg  or 20 kg.

You have a large selection of Dried food to choose from, like  BAKERS COMPLETE,  WINALOT COMPLETE,  JAMES WELL BELOVED, EUKANUBA, IAMS, PEDEGREE CHUM, BURNS, just to mention a few. The list is endless.

When feeding your ADULT DALMATIAN on COMPLETE FOOD: You must look out for the level of protein in the food. Stay well under 19 %, as the Dalmatian are prone to Uric Acid , Kidney problems and Dally rash.


                   A very well fed and happy CHANDHALLY PUPPY.  Sky litter A


A Dalmatian is not normally a fussy eater, if fed and cared for correctly. He will eat everything and anything. As a mature dog I would recommend that you feed him twice a day to ease the digestion for the dog. 2 smaller meals are better than 1 big meal where he will try to gorge on the food provided.

NEVER leave a bowl full of food down for him to eat at will.This is the WRONG way of feeding your dog

You must NEVER Exercise your dog just before or just after feeding. This can be dangerous for the dog. It can cause Twisting of the gut (or more correctly) TORSION.

This can be fatal for your dog and an emergency trip to the VET is a guarantee.Or it might already be to late !!!